Piano Removals Reading

Piano removals is a task that requires the right planning and precision. Whether a piano has sentimental value or has a significant financial value, when the time comes to move, it is important that you use the right service to take care of the job. At Watsons Removals, we have a piano moving service that is available throughout Berkshire that can handle your move and take care of your piano throughout the whole process. Unlike other companies, we are movers that believe in using our experience and the right team of moving experts to execute your piano removal in a stress-free and professional way.

Specialist Piano Movers You Can Trust

Putting your piano removal needs in the hands of a removal company is a big decision. However, we have experience of undertaking a huge number of piano removal jobs across Reading. As a leading mover, we can take care of the move when it suits you. With the right planning and ongoing relationship with clients, we make piano removals easy and efficient. When you find a company that has experience in moving pianos, you can be sure that your piano will be taken care of. From handling to packing and storage to disposal, everything will be taken care of from start to finish.

Our Services Includes

Piano Removals

Piano removal is a detailed and intricate process. There are many different challenges that have to be handled before undertaking the move. This will involve identifying any potential obstacles and problems as well as ensuring that the right equipment and vehicles are available. As a leading company, we can help to take care of removals. Our experts are fully-trained which means that they will handle your piano with the care it deserves. We make sure that it is handled, loaded and transported safely and securely, ensuring it arrives at its destination in perfect condition.

Crating & Export

If you are moving your piano overseas then it is important that it is packed and transported in the right way. As we have taken care of many moves, we know all about crating and exporting. We use the best materials and ensure your piano is packed and crated securely. This will enable it to be transported in the safest possible way while we can also handle all aspects of exporting your piano. Whatever your requirements, we are confident that we are more than capable of taking care of them.


Whether you are renovating a property, looking to create more space around your home or simply need to store a piano that is part of your family, we have storage solutions that are designed to fit your needs. As part of our many services, our storage facilities are monitored around the clock, ensuring they offer the highest level of security. We also offer a variety of storage options which means that we can move and store your piano for short-term and long-term periods.


Disposing of a piano is not an easy task to take care of yourself but that is where we come in. At Watsons Removals, we can help you dispose of your piano in an efficient way. This service is designed to help save time, money and effort while you can be sure that your piano will be disposed of in accordance with all regulations.

Why Choose Watsons Removals?

At Watsons Removals, we have been managing piano removals for many years. Our service involves the right planning and management while our team of movers are always sympathetic and caring when it comes to handling your prized possessions. We appreciate that your piano will be an important part of your home and that’s why we make sure that we always complete each move in a professional way. From the correct planning to meeting your needs and ensuring that we execute your move, you can take advantage of our affordable and expert service when it comes to piano removal.


Grand Pianos

Grand pianos are unique and elegant but when it comes to moving a grand piano, the process is extremely challenging. Due to the shape, size and weight, it requires expertise and the right approach. We plan every move, ensuring we can gain the right access and can remove your grand piano with ease. We make sure that we take care of your piano by using protective materials and navigating the challenges with precision.

Upright Pianos

We also offer the removal of upright pianos. Despite being smaller than grand pianos, they still require the right approach and method to ensure that they are moved correctly. Our service is executed with efficiency while we make sure that we pack and protect your piano before removing it. We then make sure that any obstacles or access issues are taken care of before removing your piano from your property.

Digital Pianos

As part of the many services that we offer, we also offer digital piano removals. Digital pianos might come in many different shapes or sizes but this does not detract from the service that we offer. While they might be lighter and easier to handle, we still take the right care when it comes to digital piano removals.